Three Simple Yet Effective Hacks of Landscape Photography

Photographers are always very detailed in their profession. They tend to focus on every minute detail from light to lens, everything counts. Patience and perseverance are key to photography. However, it becomes even more important when it comes to landscape photography. It is not easy to do landscape photography as sometimes one needs to walk the extra mile to capture it. It is said that photography improves with experience but this is not the same case with landscape photography. It can be hard to do landscape photography but few tips to make things easier.


The very first thing is the use of clouds. The landscape photography we took for Carpet Cleaning Vancouver Pro is all about timing as well. However, one can use the clouds to make things very interesting. The light should not be very bright for the landscape. The photographers generally choose the golden hour either in dawn or dusk to get the optimized light. However, that may be changed. There are few ways to reduce the harsh light. The first is to move the camera to shade. The second could be to use the soft box. However, the first is mostly ineffective and the second one is quite costly. However, if the clouds could be used as the diffuser of the harsh light. So, if the day is cloudy, you might be lucky to get the best landscape photograph even at noon.


The photography is all about drama and contrast. Landscape photography can only be better when there is contrast. Again, the clouds can be very effective in this trick as well. The light and shadow should be very well considered to create a contrast. One can also use the HDR to create the shadow and make things interesting. Masking or blending can also make a difference in landscape photography. The shadow highlight ratio of the image is also very crucial for landscape photography. Positioning Sun may be difficult in landscape photography, but the clouds can be used as the light filter naturally. The distracting lights from different spots can be reduced with this and the lights can be accentuated at the subject to make it very real and contrasting. So, the light and shadow create the drama that is required for landscape photography.


The last but never least is the balance of photography. It becomes very crucial to strike a balance. This balance is not only the light balance but also the color balance, positioning of the subject and other photographic balances as well. The well-balanced image generally captivates the audience. However, it is not easy to create that easily. One needs to make sure that the balance is maintained when the image is captured. So, ensure all the balance is managed, before clicking it. It should not matter how alluring the view is, the balance is the key for best landscape photography.

The best part of photography is that it can be adjusted at will. So, if you are a landscape photographer then these three hacks can make your life easy.